Definition and Benchmarks of Government

Person in Charge


Ricky Wibowo


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Isti Kumalasari



Any governmental body with authority to influence physical activity opportunities or participation of children and youth through policy, legislation or regulation.


Evidence of leadership and commitment in providing physical activity opportunities for all children and youth.

Allocated funds and resources for the implementation of physical activity promotion strategies and initiatives for all children and youth.

Demonstrated progress through the key stages of public policy making (i.e., policy agenda, policy formation, policy implementation, policy evaluation and decisions about the future).



GRADE Interpretation Corresponding number for analysis
A+ 94%–100% 15
A We are succeeding with a large majority of children and youth (87%–93%) 14
A− 80%–86% 13
B+ 74%–79% 12
B We are succeeding with well over half of children and youth (67%–73%) 11
B− 60%–66% 10
C+ 54%–59% 9
C We are succeeding with about half of children and youth (47%–53%) 8
C− 40%–46% 7
D+ 34%–39% 6
D We are succeeding with less than half but some children and youth (27%–33%) 5
D− 20%–26% 4
F We are succeeding with very few children and youth (<20%) 2
INC Incomplete—insufficient or inadequate information to assign a grade No grade