AHKI at The Launch of the BOKS Program by Sun Life

Agus Mahendra, Country Leader of Active Healthy Kids Indonesia (AHKI), was one of the speakers at the Launch of the BOKS Program organized by Sun Life Indonesia, in Jakarta, on Monday, November 14, 2022, which was held in commemoration of World Diabetes Day. Agus, who is also a lecturer and also the Head of PGSD Penjas FPOK-UPI Study Program (PETE for Elementary School), explained that BOKS stands for Building Our Kids Success, which is a program to increase children’s ability to carry out physical activities, by inviting them to be involved in various movement and game tasks. BOKS itself in Indonesia is carried out by Wahana Visi, one of the organizations in collaboration with World Vision based in Canada. Along with Agus Mahendra, Wennyta Subroto (Sun Life) and Mitra Tobing (from Wahana Visi) were also present and were guided casually and festively by the famous MC Ivy Batuta.

At the launch event, Agus Mahendra was asked to bring up the Active Healthy Kids Indonesia Report Card, which of course was developed by Active Healthy Kids Indonesia, which Agus has known since its establishment in 2020. AHKI collaborates with AHKGA (Active Healthy Kids Global Alliance) which is headquartered in Canada as well. AHKI’s task is indeed to prepare a report on the results of research related to the Activeness and Health of Indonesian Children and Adolescents, which it must report at the Global Matrix 4.0 event, which happened to be held in Abu Dhabi on October 23-26. This Report Card reports values in the form of Letters (from A+ to F) which shows whether Indonesian children are considered very active (A+), active (B), Moderately Active (C), less active (D), or even very inactive (F).

After presenting the report on the results of his report card and after answering questions submitted by audiences, the majority of whom were reporters from various media, Agus was surrounded by reporters to be interviewed.

Here are some snapshots and news related to the event in various media:

News related to the event, from national media:


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