Good morning and welcome to the report from the Third Day ISAH Congress, Tuesday, October 25, 2022.
Like on the second day, the congress began with a symposium and oral presentation of parallel sessions featuring no less than 100 papers in around six parallel session rooms. The themes set by the committee are the same as before, consisting of 8 main themes, namely: 1) Active Transport, 2) School-Based Interventions, 3) Physical Activity in Health Services, 4) Monitoring and Data Systems, 5) Activity Facilities, 6) Method Development, 7) Policy and Guideline Development, and 8) Activity Program.
In terms of topics based on the themes above, it is known that the third day of the congress is a direction that sharpens the themes towards the government’s duty to account for their obligations in providing services to the community, especially children and adolescents. Active transport and school-based intervention can only be encouraged by the government, as well as the task of health services related to physical activity. Equally important, the government is also very responsible for monitoring and data collection systems, as well as providing the necessary facilities. Meanwhile, in terms of development methods, policies and guidelines development can only be initiated by the government, including the implementation of the program.
What was missed in the second day’s report was the committee’s efforts to keep participants involved in each session. In each parallel session room, a participant ID card scanner is provided, so that every time a participant chooses a particular topic and enters the room, the participant must scan his participant card to record and state his presence in the room. From there, participants will be identified for their participation so that later their eligibility to get a certificate can be calculated or not.
From the AHKGA side, after the launch was carried out on the second day, the participants of AHKGA members from each country were asked to collect their products from report books, flyers or brochures, infographics, even including objects related to children’s movement stimulants such as balls, beans bags, even stickers, and pins, and displayed on the table provided. The poster presentations were also filled with country leaders and visitors who asked questions and had to get answers immediately.
The Indonesian report card book is rated very highly by the AHKGA Board because apart from being made of deluxe and glossy paper, its contents are quite complete. AHKI displays its report books, both long-form, and short-form in the form of brochures.
In the evening, participants who have registered (paid) are reminded to attend the Gala Dinner which is held in a 6-star hotel courtyard. Food that tastes like Arabian food is served openly behind the hotel which is also on the edge of the river which exposes participants to the view of the largest mosque in Abu Dhabi is located across the river.

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