The second day of the ISPAH Congress was held in a schedule earlier than the first day, which started at 09:00 WAD (Abu Dhabi Time). The event began with the implementation of a symposium in several rooms in parallel, and featured several speakers who had been determined by the academic committee from ISPAH. These are all scheduled precisely before the Opening Ceremony.

The Opening Ceremony of the Congress is scheduled for 10:45 a.m. WAD. With a fleeting announcement in each room by the moderator of the symposium, the committee recommended that participants be able to join the main conference room to jointly participate in the Opening Ceremony, which will be declared by the President of ISPAH, Jasper Schipperijn. After the opening, Fiona Bull, PhD MSc., Manager at the World Health Organization (WHO), delivered WHO programs related to the promotion of Active Healthy Lifestyle, which was continued by the presentations of Billie Giles-Corti, Australia and H.E. Dr. Salem Al Kaabi, UAE, who delivered the keynote session, and was led by the president of ISPAH himself, Jasper Schipperijn. This is the culminating event and the main marker of the entire ISPAH event, which is to catapult the importance of the attention and concern of governments from every country in the world to various tendencies of declining levels of physical activity, especially among children and society in general.

Around 70 paper presenters will be presented on the second day, featuring speakers from various countries on four major themes chosen by the committee, namely: Monitoring and Data Systems, Physical Activity for Older Adults, Cost-Effectiveness of Campaigns and Interventions, and Physical Activity in Health Services.  Several experts who are well known by the author appeared to be speakers in the symposium session and became moderators in the parallel session. Participants who are non-presenters or who are not on schedule can choose to attend and become audiences in spaces whose themes are viewed according to their respective interests.

In addition to the event that presented the keynote and parallel sessions at the congress, we from AHKGA members also had to take part in the Global Matrix 4.0 Launch event, which was scheduled for 4:45 p.m. in the main conference room. While the parallel session event is still going on, all AHKGA members gather in a special room to jointly carry out the official launching event, which will also mark that all reports compiled by each country are published openly on the AHKGA website, including reports from Indonesia, of course.

The workshop event was started by a presentation on the history and essence of the Report Card, by the president of AHKGA, Prof. Mark Tremblay, Ph.D. In his presentation delivered online via Zoom Conference, because he could not attend directly in Abu Dhabi due to health reasons, Mark stated that what the launching moment is a very special moment because it will be one of the contributions of the managers of the Active Healthy Kids organization in each country or every report card team,  providing information and advocacy to the community and governments in their respective countries to protect children and adolescents from becoming inactive children, to avoid various negative consequences due to lack of movement. Mark also reported that of all AHKGA members who registered for the report card, 60 countries, only 57 countries reported the results to AHKGA.

Mark Tremblay’s exposure was then continued by salome Aubert’s exposure which reported the results of his synthesis of the results of an assessment of the physical activity of children in the world extracted from reports from 57 countries. The report synthesizes that in general there is a decrease in the value of each indicator that is assessed equally in the world, and it is predicted that the Covid 19 pandemic is one of the causes of the decline. Then Taru Manyangga, who is also an AHKGA board member, also explained the findings of his team which highlighted the follow-up efforts of determining the value reported by each country’s report card team. The event closed with a photo with all AHKGA members present and hoped that each country could again commit to staying involved in global Matrix 5.0 in the coming year.

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