ISPAH Congress: The First Day

The first day of the ISPAH Congress, Sunday, October 23, 2022, has been running smoothly and successfully. Although the congress has not been officially opened, it is only filled with several parallel workshops, the academic atmosphere and discussions between participants which are the main characteristics of the congress are already thick with deep seriousness.

The first day of the congress was given symbolic meaning through the holding of an informal welcome party in the afternoon, and the atmosphere of the exhibition building in the open environment of Abu Dhabi was also enlivened by various “let’s move and be active” activities enlivened by the United Arab Emirates Health department, which was also directed to invite contestants and visitors to move together. A number of the list of activities offered can be seen from the official board which was installed on a large scale by the Committee, from Jumba Dance, Yoga, Futsal, Mini Table Tennis, and Ring the Bell.

ISPAH President on the Informal Welcome

The congress which lasted for an empathetic day was also filled with the “Ring the Bell” competition, a kind of competition carrying loads back and forth in a distance of about 10 meters. Each team consists of three participants, in a format similar to relay racing. The race was designed in such a way, asking the contestants in the team to move the barbell with the load as much as time possible. The more a team is able to move the load, the team is going to be the winner.

Then for those of us who participated in the ISPAH congress more as AHKGA members who will report the results of the Report Card on the global matrix 4.0., we also proudly attended the AHKGA meeting on Pre-Release of Report Card which was held specifically in a room called the HIVE room. Quite a number of AHKGA members participated, although not all country leaders or representatives were present, all of the 57 member countries who reported their reports.

Here are some snapshots from the first day of the congress and some documents from the Pre-Release Meeting of Global Matrix 4.0.

Iryna, Taru and AHKI Country Leader



Co-Leader of AHKI, before entering the Symposium Room.


Salome Aubert and Iryna Demchenko, AHKGA Board members, posing with AHKI Leaders


Iryna Demchenko presented T’Shirt of AHKGA to AHKI leader


Situation of the Pre-Release Meeting of AHKGA members after closing

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