AHKI (Active Healthy Kids Indonesia) in collaboration with PETE For Elementary School Study Program, supported financially by Sun Life, again organized a Workshop Series on Formulating Indonesia Report Card on Physical Activity for Children and Adolescent. The workshop was the 6th Workshop, the last one to formulate a Report Card on the Physical Activity of Children and Adolescents of Indonesia, which will be reported by AHKI on Global Matrix 4.0.  in 2022.  This workshop will be to finalize the grade of Children’s Movement Behavior (Overall Physical Activity, Organized Sport and Physical Activity, Active Play, Active Transportation, Sedentary Behavior, and Physical Fitness) and its Sources of Influence (Family and Peers, Community and Environment, Schools, and Government) which are formulated in 10 main indicators.  The Workshop 6 was successfully held on Thursday, September 29, 2022, at the FPOK UPI Auditorium, 4th floor, FPOK UPI Building, Jl. Dr.  Setiabudhi No. 229, Bandung.

According to the organizer, Dr.  Agus Mahendra, MA., who is also the Head of the PGSD Penjas Study Program who is also as AHKI Leader, this workshop series is one of the AHKI programs to arrive at the launch of the Indonesian children’s Report Card. Another program was the Eminence Lecture, Movement Festival for early childhood and elementary schools (SD) children, as well as children with disabilities. The culmination of the event of this program will also lead to the Launching or Release program at the national level which will be held at the Indonesian University of Education campus.

The   International Release of the Indonesia Report Card on Global Matrix 4.0, will be held at the end of October 2022, in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirate, on a summit meeting of AHKGA (Active Healthy Kids Global Alliance) which will be held in conjunction with the 9th ISPAH (International Society of Physical Activity and Health) Conference in the same location. (to visit the ISPAH Conference: here) Global Matrix 4.0 is the first event that Indonesia participated in to report the condition of Indonesian children and adolescents in their level of activity and health. The Global Matrix itself has taken place three times in  previous years, namely the global matrix 1.0 in Canada, the Global matrix 2.0 in Bangkok, Thailand, and the Global matrix 3.0 in Adelaide, Australia.

  Workshop 6 lasted for one day, held in a blended manner, namely with the participants being invited in person (directly) at the FPOK UPI Auditorium, while the majority of participants was present online through zoom video conference. This workshop assigned AHKI leaders and Co-leaders as speakers. The first speaker was Dr.  Agus Mahendra, MA., presented a presentation related to “2022 Indonesia Report Card on Physical Activity for Children and Adolescent.”  The second speaker was Dr. H. Dian Budiana, M.Pd. who presented the topics on “Cross-Ministerial Physical Activity Promotion Policy-Key Priorities in Supporting Active and Healthy Children in Indonesia. “

The first speaker  stated the fact that the  level of physical activity of  Indonesian  children is still very low, which is also followed by low scores in each indicator.  According to Agus, as a result of the lack of government role in producing key policies, it has caused the level of physical activity of Indonesian children to also be low. Therefore, it is appropriate that in the future, according to the second speaker, Indonesia must have a policy that emphasizes key priority policies in physical activity, sedentary behavior, and active behavior throughout life.

  The purpose of workshop 6 is to  formulate  proposals related  to efforts to  promote physical activity, through the birth of  government policies in  favor  of children and adolescents, so that they become  more actively moving.  The government should take the right role and approach, including in looking at the policies that have existed so far, in order to further encourage the people, to have habits and to maintain his active habits.

For this reason, the government needs to make synergistic efforts with other government agencies, especially in the area that can be synergized. In order not to  be exclusive,  the government needs to agree in setting goals and strategies that are also partial to many people.  So far, many policies have been applied separately and are not oriented towards interests that take advantage of integrated authority, but stand alone. Such as the ministry of youth and sports, which has been thinking only about how to prepare athletes who have an achievement prospect for the future.  Likewise, the Ministry of Education and Culture seems to be unaware of how potential schools are to be the foundation for the growth of school children’s habits and love for physical activity and sports. Likewise, the Ministry of Health does not seem to care about the interrelationship between physical activities carried out by children and the health and fitness of the public in general, and have the opportunity to save on treatment costs and public health costs.

Therefore, the workshop 6 advises the government to start creating priority policies that combine the various elemental forces of each sector for the wider interest. The government should set an example and opportunity that Indonesia’s human development can be approached simultaneously by various ministries, so that it can jointly design policies that are mutually beneficial related and supportive of each other. Encouraging people   to be active in physical activities in accordance with recommendations from WHO, needs to be supported by a common awareness of each other’s goals.

Hopefully in the future, the physical activity promotion program carried out by the government will succeed in making the Indonesian people active, healthy and fit through programs that involve children actively moving in accordance with the recommendation from WHO, for example, is to do physical activity for 60 minutes a day with medium to high intensity.  Hopefully…


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