SUMMER PROGRAM on Active Healthy Kids for the Livelier and Healthier World

Planned to take place in the last week of August, the PETE for Primary School Study Program, FPOK UPI, in collaboration with Active Healthy Kids Indonesia (AHKI), will carry out an internationalization program, namely the Summer Program. This program is a program funded by the Directorate of International Affairs, through one of its program channels called the World Class University Program (WCU). In this summer program, participants who must be involved are students from universities from abroad, who register based on their interests, and those who follow the program in full and complete, will get credit equal to 1 course.

This program itself will take place starting on August 23, 2021, and lasts for 10 days, with a minimum time unit of 2 hours per day. The Summer Program from the PGSD Physical Education study program will raise the topic of physical activity for children, with the theme: Improving Physical Activity for the livelier and healthier Kids. Through this program, the Physical Education PGSD study program also encourages participants to become students who have the ability to interact and act as movers and motivators so that children are active and have fun and be happy.

The summer program will involve instructors from abroad, namely three experts on Physical Activities from three different countries. They are:

  1. Professor Stephen H. Wong from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hon Kong. Prof. Stephen is the Asia representative of AHKGA, as well as the main board of AHK Hong Kong.
  2. Associate Professor Lisa Barnet from Deakin University Melbourne Campus, Melbourne, Australia. Prof. Lisa is also an administrator of ASPA (Australasian Society of Physical Activity) who is also a member of IPLA (International Physical Literacy Association).
  3. Associate Professor Selina Kho from The University of Malay, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Prof Selina is also a member of ASAPE and IFAPA, and one of the vice directors of the Center for Sport and Exercise Sciences, University of Malay.

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