Indonesian Report Card Team Finally Formed


Active Healthy Kids Indonesia (AHKI) has successfully formed and inaugurated the Indonesia Report Card team, which will soon be assigned to determine the Physical Activity Level of Indonesian children, by setting a grade on 10 applicable indicators set up by Active Healthy Kids Global Alliance (AHKG) for the Global Matrix 4.0.

The Indonesia Report Card Team will immediately work in August and September to collect available (secondary) data related to the 10 indicators (they are: Overall Physical Activity, Organized Sport, Active Play, Active Transportation, Sedentary Behavior, Family and Peers, Schools, Community and Environment, Government, and Physical Fitness) by digging and searching from both published and unpublished data in various sources. The data is then extracted and synthesized to be converted into values ​​for each of the indicators above, in the form of grade such ​​A, B, C, D, E, and F. These values ​​will in time be reported by the Indonesia Report Card Team to the AHKGA’s Summit Meeting on Global Matrix 4.0, which is planned to be organized in Slovenia, in the year 2022.

The Indonesian Report Card Team has involved lecturers from the PETE for Primary School Study Program, FPOK UPI, lecturers from other study programs as well as lecturers from other universities. The following is the composition of the Indonesia Report Card Team, each of which is assigned to each indicator as the followings:


Report Card Leader:

Dr. Agus Mahendra, MA. (Country Leader of AHKI, Head of PETE for Primary School, FPOK UPI)

Report Card Co-Leader:

Dr. Dian Budiana, M.Pd. (Lecturer of PETEPS, Vice Dean for Academic Affairs of FPOK UPI)


A Overall Physical Activity:

a.      Lukmanul Hakim Lubay

b.     Masayu Rizka

F  Family and Peers:

a.      Mesa Rahmi Stephani, M.Pd.

b.     Putri Novitasari, M.Kes

B Organized Sport and PA

a.      Wildan A Nugroho

b.     Gita Febria Friskawati

G Community & Environment

a.      Wulandari Putri

b.     Wahyu Indra Bayu

C Active Play:

a.      Andi Suntoda S.

b.     Novrizal A. Novan

H Schools:

a.      Gano Sumarno, M.Pd.

b.     Fajar Widiyatmoko, M.Pd.

D Active Transportation:

a.      Didin Budiman, M.Pd.

b.     Dr. Hasyim Altaf, M.Pd.

I Government/Pemerintah:

a.      Ricky Wibowo, M.Pd.

b.     Isti Kumalasari

E Sedentary Behaviour:

a.      Anira, M.Pd.

b.     Agus Widodo, M.Pd.

c.      Dwi Tiga Putri, M.Pd.

J Physical Fitness:

a.      Suherman Slamet, M.Pd.

b.     Mohammad Syamsul


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