Definition and Benchmarks of Active Transportation

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Didin Budiman


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Active transportation refers to any form of human-powered transportation – walking, cycling, using a wheelchair, in-line skating or skateboarding.


% of children and youth who use active transportation to get to and from places (e.g., school, park, mall, friend’s house).


GRADE Interpretation Corresponding number for analysis
A+ 94%–100% 15
A We are succeeding with a large majority of children and youth (87%–93%) 14
A− 80%–86% 13
B+ 74%–79% 12
B We are succeeding with well over half of children and youth (67%–73%) 11
B− 60%–66% 10
C+ 54%–59% 9
C We are succeeding with about half of children and youth (47%–53%) 8
C− 40%–46% 7
D+ 34%–39% 6
D We are succeeding with less than half but some children and youth (27%–33%) 5
D− 20%–26% 4
F We are succeeding with very few children and youth (<20%) 2
INC Incomplete—insufficient or inadequate information to assign a grade No grade